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Urbane and Witty Writer

Sad to hear of George Plimpton‘s passing. I’ve enjoyed hearing accounts of his exploits as a participatory journalist on radio remembrances today.

As a “participatory journalist,” Mr. Plimpton believed that it was not
enough for writers of nonfiction to simply observe; they needed to
immerse themselves in whatever they were covering to understand fully
what was involved.

Somehow I’m reminded of Dan. Dan has always written from direct experience in such a visceral, present way. I suspect that was half his reason for going to Iraq. Dan has never been one to stand by and watch the story unfold. And like Mr. Plimpton, Dan is most certainly urbane and witty, though he can also tell jokes that make sailors blush.

I wish Dan was blogging. I miss reading his riveting accounts of everday events most of us failed to even recognize.

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World line

An example of a light cone, the three-dimensional surface of all possible light rays arriving at and departing from a point in spacetime. Here, it is depicted with one spatial dimension suppressed.

I still remember the night Oliver and I stayed up late talking about the possibility of time travel. This was very much the model we came up with. Those were good times.

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You Are Website

Just a funny little over sight I found in my now-resuscitated iMac:You Are WebsiteNow that I think about it, it shouldn’t be “You are done” either. It should be “You’re finished.” Wow. I really feel like a grammar nerd.

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The Mac Halo Effect

I totally hosed my brand new iMac today when trying to install Boot Camp. While installing Windows, I accidentally selected the Mac partition instead of the Boot Camp partition (because there was no Boot Camp partition). The funny thing is that everyone I told said the same thing: “I can’t believe a Mac would let you do that.”

Yeah, me either. The Mac is supposed to be so intuitive and easy to use. The Mac is supposed to be safe. The Mac isn’t supposed to let you hose up your brand new computer.

All the support forums I searched were filled with knob heads saying, “That’s what you get for installing beta software.” Well this isn’t beta software. This is an official part of the OS.

Granted, the install guide says to select the BOOT CAMP partition at that particular step, but I wasn’t presented with any other options. So I figured it must be the one…

Anyway, what was really hair-raising is that after overwriting the Mac partition, the Disk Utility wouldn’t allow me to reformat or repartition or anything else helpful. It was broken that bad.

Fortunately, Dave came up with a brilliant and elegant solution (in case you’re here due to the same issue). Boot into the Windows setup CD, then use the Windows setup prompt to delete the entire partition. Once the fouled partition is gone, you can boot up with the OS X disk, repartition, and reinstall OS X.